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Designing and building your new digital world

All of our website design & development projects go through the following 5-step creative sign-off process:

Step 1 - Content collation & creation

We work with your team to collect and collate all available content and create any content that is required.

Step 2 - Formulation of the final content structure

We put the final content into a site structure so you can understand the content flow and see how it works together.

Step 3 - Bespoke designs

Our design team creates your bespoke website designs around your content structure.

Step 4 - Development

Our development team builds your new digital world.

Step 5 - Handover, hosting and CMS training

We launch your new digital world and train your team to use the CMS, and setup any ongoing support.

The digital world is extremely power hungry, with the communications industry estimated to account for 20% of the world's electricity consumption by 2025. To reverse this trend and create a digital world that is sustainable, there are large steps being taken to 'green the internet'.

Digital Revolutions are proud to be part of this process. Our server provider is run on 100% green energy, meaning we are able to offer 100% green energy hosting to our clients. By this, our clients are able to get the Green Web Foundation badge to encourage and inspire others to take the same path.